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How Your Personality Can Determine What Exercises Work Best For You

For the past 140 years, psychologists have been studying what actions and traits form an individual’s personality, and they’ve come up with 5 major traits: openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, neuroticism, and agreeableness. Each one of these traits is mapped across a linear graph from very high to very low and everywhere in-between.

You can read more about the 5 personality traits here:


Why is personality so interesting? Think of an ant colony. There are multiple different types of ants, each with their own physical traits and abilities that give them specific roles and tasks that they can accomplish for the colony. Humans are obviously much more complex and nuanced than ants, but our personality plays into what roles and tasks we are best suited for in life.

Here, you can take a 15 minute personality test that will give you an accurate understanding of where you fall, relative to others, on the different traits of personality:

I don’t know who you are, but based on your personality I can make assumptions about what tactics for exercising will best work for you. I've listed the different traits and what I believe will be the best steps for moving forward in your exercise program:


  •   High in openness: Change up the workouts often and make working out intuitive. Come up with all different kinds of ways of moving your body. You can also join multiple different types of classes, trying out all different types of fitness.

  •   Low in openness: Follow along with other people’s programs.


  •   High in extraversion: Be part of a group exercise session, preferably one that allows for talking during or after exercise. You could even join a little sports team that plays on weekends.

  •   Low in extraversion (introverted): Unless you think being introverted is wrong and you want to overcome it (there are some very strong pros to being an introvert), working out by yourself or with a close friend in your house is great.


  •   High in agreeableness: You probably want a trainer or friend who is leading the workouts and is able to give you motivation.

  • Low in agreeableness: Follow your own workout or lead others in a workout program.


  • High in conscientiousness: Have a set routine you do every time, though you may want to change it up after a few months. You’re lucky enough to have a brain that can help you plan your workouts a year in advance if you really want to.

  • Low in conscientiousness: You probably don’t like structure and rules (my kinda person!). You don’t have to follow rules when you workout or join a gym to take their classes. Just do your own thing.


  • High in neuroticism: Use this non-relaxed energy to your advantage! Have workouts ready based on whatever mood you’re in. If you’re frustrated, have a workout where you punch a heavy bag and run sprints. If you’re stressed, have a workout that gets you out of your head and focused on the workout. Being worried about how your body looks can be awesome for achieving your goals.

  • Low in neuroticism: Seems like you’ll be OK with whatever comes your way. Just pick exercises you enjoy.

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