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How to find motivation to exercise

If I pulled out a briefcase with 1 million dollars and told you that if you do 100 push-ups I would give you the briefcase, you probably wouldn’t tell me “I just can’t find the time,” or “Could you come back next week? I’ll feel more motivated then.” No, you would sky dive to the ground and flail up and down like a mad man. When you procrastinate working out, it isn’t a problem with the workout being difficult, it’s that you can’t find a strong enough motivator to push yourself into action.

I find that most people have a very specific idea of why they want to exercise and what they want to achieve but often drop out of their program because their goal/motivation just isn’t emotionally or logically strong enough.

Exercisers should have a full-picture understanding of all the benefits that exercise offers, so here are some of the major noticeable benefits of exercise:

  • Control weight

  • Gain muscle

  • Lose fat

  • Increase strength

  • Increase cardio-respiratory endurance

  • Increase flexibility

  • Achieve your specific fitness goals

  • Gain and improve athletic skills

  • Attain overall health and fitness

  • Realize mental clarity and mind-body connection benefits

  • Reduce stress and increase long-term happiness

  • Improve bone density and reduce risk of fractures

  • Attain better sleep quality

  • Prevent and reduce symptoms of specific chronic diseases

  • Improve self-confidence

And I thought I should include the cons of exercise to be unbiased:

  • Takes consistent work to maintain and progress

  • Potential risk of injury

  • Potentially dangerous for those with severe medical conditions

The Journey: To get to the end of a journey, you need to understand where you are currently, what obstacles you will encounter throughout the process, and what the end goal looks and feels like. Describe your goal very precisely and all the potential hurdles you’ll encounter to achieve that goal. Then, give a few solutions for each potential problem. (1.)

Vision: If you were to procrastinate on your (fitness) goals, what would your life be like in 6 months? 1 year? 5 years? 10 years? How would you view yourself and your life? Now, have a long-term vision of the opposite, where you DO continue to pursue your goals. How would your life be different? (2.)

Discipline: For some people, motivation isn’t the most important thing they need. Some people workout only when they feel “motivated,” and those adrenaline-based motivational kicks could be weeks apart. What most people need is DISCIPLINE in the form of a schedule. On the days you work out, pick the same time to start your exercise, and don’t allow your excuses get in the way of your schedule.

Exercising isn’t always enjoyable, so finding an activity or sport you truly enjoy is important for your long-term success. 

What’s great about having a personal trainer, especially one that comes to your home and deeply cares about helping you, is that motivation is taken out of the equation. A trainer that adds value to the lives of his/her clients understands the exercise journey, works safely and effectively to help the client achieve their specific goals, all while making the exercising process enjoyable and comfortable. Their effort and drive IS the motivation!

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