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Top 10 Ways to Pick the Perfect Personal Trainer for You

One of the best pieces of advice about training I’ve received: If a trainer doesn’t add value to your life, especially your fitness, getting him for FREE would be overpriced. Each trainer has their own strengths and approaches, their own specializations and niches. What’s the most important is how they can use these traits in your favor.

When looking for a trainer, you’ll want to pick one that is perfect for you for multiple reasons. Here’s a list of some of the best criteria to decide whether a trainer is the right ally, or just a bye bye!

1.       Has professional certifications and is knowledgeable and experienced in a vast array of fields.

Trainers need to be well-versed in anatomy and physiology, exercise science, and program design. In addition, having a basis in biology, chemistry, physics, nutrition, and other science fields is a huge bonus to the assistance they can deliver. Not only should he/she know a lot about these fields, they should purposefully educate you on the concepts and techniques that apply to you. Certifications from professional organizations ensures that a trainer has received the proper training and licensing.

2.       Cares deeply about you and your success

No matter what, the trainer should ALWAYS be concerned with your safety, ambitions, and success. He/she should be ecstatic when you reach a fitness goal, and should be noticeably concerned and helpful when you aren’t sticking with your plan. If a trainer has a cookie-cutter approach with all his/her clients, they may be doing more harm than good.

3.       Is enjoyable to spend time with

You should have a strong connection with your trainer. Can you imagine going to spend an hour or more twice a week with someone who annoys you? No matter how great the workouts are, I can almost guarantee you’ll want to break from the program. Find someone who regularly gives you positive emotions!

4.       Can take theory and turn it into practice, and vice-versa

A trainer needs to have a great balance between theory and practice. They read and listen to lots of information in order to provide well-rounded knowledge on different theories, but is also able to apply this knowledge in reality and learn from it. Your trainer should be an information provider on the concepts and techniques that apply to you.

5.       Open-minded about almost everything, yet grounded in his/her decisions

If a trainer opposes an idea, especially about fitness, health or nutrition, without doing any research and hearing from many sides of an argument, he/she’s probably too quick to crusade with their own ideas. A trainer should be open minded to learn all they can about health and fitness, and use that information strategically for each situation.

6.       Goes the extra mile for you (literally and figuratively)

A truly great trainer is thinking about you outside of your training times. He/she could send you links to information that you said you’re interested in, he/she can make time to have lunch with you just to enjoy your company, he/she might even help you redesign your basement to accommodate your workouts.

7.       Pushes you in the direction you want to go by inspiring and motivating

Their words and actions should combine to motivate you to continue to pursue your goals. The trainer should understand that there’s a reason you hired them: to achieve your goals in the most efficient, safe, and effective way possible. One of the trainer’s main jobs, then, is to help you find ways to motivate yourself!

8.       Is deeply passionate about exercise

A phenomenal trainer is CONSTANTLY expanding his knowledge on everything in health and fitness. Not because he has to, but because he genuinely cares and is fascinated by fitness.

9.       Is very dependable

You can count on the fact that your trainer is going to be on time, prepared for each session, and focused on you and your workout.

10.   Makes it clear when your needs are outside of his/her scope of practice

No matter how hard anyone tries, they will not be able to provide every type of service. A wise trainer understands the limits of their knowledge. A trainer that cares more about your well-being than his ego will advise you to seek another professional if you have a problem that extends beyond his/her scope of practice.

When choosing a trainer, hold them accountable to these standards, and you will have an incredible experience!

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