Your Personal Trainer LLC

Weight Loss Guaranteed

Your Personal Trainer LLC offers in-home personal fitness training and nutrition plans in Rockville, Bethesda, Potomac, North Potomac Gaithersburg and Germantown, MD to attain your healthiest body. We work with adults, teens and seniors. Affordable prices for group sessions. Experience our effective weight loss program that combines fat-burning exercise with healthy eating and weight loss education to achieve your best body!


Your Personal Trainer LLC offers YOUR WHOLE BODY Plan — a unique combination of workouts and nutrition to attain your healthiest body. Our programs incorporate exercise, nutrition and personal development specially designed for progressive success!

According to the National Institutes of Health, diet and exercise, individually, have a strong effect on weight loss. Combining diet and exercise together has the greatest effect.


Combine your workout with personalized Nutrition Coaching for the best results. 

You will receive one-on-one coaching to learn how to incorporate exercise and healthy eating into your lifestyle. You will benefit from a unique combination of exercise, education, motivation, healthy eating and individualized support every step along the way. Gain the tools and receive your plan for weight loss success to utilize during these sessions and beyond. It is a sure fire way to lose extra pounds and keep them off while gaining muscle and strength.

Your Personal Trainer Nutrition Plans are created to meet your individual needs and goals. Your plan will be custom-designed for you to progressively achieve your healthiest body. The plan incorporates accountability, periodic checkups and continuous improvement.

Our unique, progressive program:

  • is completely custom developed to meet your goals

  • adds the healthiest foods to your existing diet

  • offers in-home personal coaching

  • has built in accountability

  • is structured so that you develop healthy habits for long-term results

  • progressively moves you to higher and higher levels of nutritional health

  • is not a fad diet—it provides the foundation for a lifetime of healthy eating

Our 8-week plan involves:

  • your initial assessment

  • development of a personalized plan designed to meet your goals and achieve progressive results

  • bi-weekly check-ins, adjustments and motivation

  • continuous improvement

Your Nutrition Plan will help you achieve we ight loss or gain, and, most importantly, a healthy eating, nutrient-rich lifestyle for: 

  • improved vitality

  • a vitamin-, mineral-, antioxidant- and fiber-rich diet

  • weight loss

  • fat loss

  • vital nutrients for muscle gains

  • disease prevention

8-week Nutrition Plan and Coaching   $590

For Your personal trainer clients   $390

(*additional consultation will be charged at $80/hr)



Your Personal Trainer LLC is excited to offer our workout clients this exclusive nutritional solution. YOUR DAILY BLEND is a unique way to incorporate your daily requirements of vitamins and minerals with yummy, refreshing smoothies. The plan is easy to follow—drink one 11oz. plant-packed smoothie 3 times a day, before each meal, followed by your normal meal choices.

Each smoothie offers 3 servings of vegetables and one serving of fruit, more than your recommended daily requirement of nutritious, fresh fruits and vegetables. YOUR DAILY BLEND smoothies are fresh, filling, and satisfy your food cravings before a meal. As a result, you will find that during the day you consume less unhealthy foods which are being replaced with nutrient-rich plant foods.  

YOUR DAILY BLEND is an easy way to ensure your daily dose of plant nutrients in order to achieve:

  • improved vitality

  • a vitamin-, mineral-, phytonutrient-, antioxidant- and fiber-rich diet

  • weight loss and maintenance

  • fat loss

  • vital nutrients for muscle gains

  • disease prevention

Smoothies are hand-blended with care and delivered to you twice a week. They contain no additives and only natural ingredients.

Ingredients are primarily organic and packaged in safe, plastic, recyclable containers.

8 Unique Flavors:

  • Green Dream

  • Chocolate Banana Pudding

  • Purple Passion

  • White Muscle

  • Omega Orange

  • Prime Peach

  • Apple Ginger

  • Pumpkin Pie.


Total of 21 smoothies, includes your choice of 8 delicious, hand-blended flavors delivered to you. Packaged in 32 oz. BPA-free containers that provide three 10.75 oz servings per day. 1 week: $158/week