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July 2018: Cathy Williams, Amanda Williams, and Denise Aranoff, Potomac, MD


I’d like to present July’s Top Achiever of the Month Award to Cathy Williams, Amanda Williams, and Denise Aranoff for their Commendable Consistency!

Cathy Williams is the founder and organizer of the Sam Williams 5K Run at Wootton High School, held this year on March 23rd, 2019 (you can learn more about how the race supports teens becoming leaders in the Montgomery County community here:
While volunteering with the initial warm-up and cool-down this year, Cathy was telling me that she and her daughter, Amanda, will be going on a 75-mile hike through the Philmont Scout Ranch in 4 months. I asked her “Are you and your daughter ready for hiking 12 straight days??” She looked at the ground and smiled, “If it wasn’t for chocolate brownies, I’d be a swimsuit model.” We agreed we should workout together and dedicate the next few months to their weight-loss and strength. She invited her good friend Denise to workout with us, who has a passion for yoga and helping her son with boy scouts.

Since that day, Cathy, Amanda, Denise and I have been working out at Cathy’s house 2-3x a week. They’ve been developing their leg strength and endurance (getting better at one-legged squats!), building arm strength with push-ups and rows and presses, developing cardio with circuit training and bodyweight movements, and working to shrink that pudding! (our medical term for getting a strong and skinny waist). They’ve also been following along my nutrition advice. They’ve been meal prepping to plan meals ahead of time and eating more vegetables and healthier desserts.

Since starting our workouts together the three ladies have lost, in total, 33 pounds. The Williams also just got back from a different 55 mile hike, and needless to say they kicked that mountains butt. They were very thankful that they had been preparing for the hike in advance, and are continuing to workout with me to carry on their progress!

Why were Cathy and Amanda and Denise successful? Why do so many people not reach their health goals? It requires a few simple actions. First we found exercises that were enjoyable (at least enjoyable enough not to complain). This made it easier to come to the exercise sessions. They came to the workout sessions almost EVERY SINGLE TIME. Even when they were recovering from a sickness. Even when they had an injury and worked around it. Even when they were tired and hungry and had every excuse in the book not to workout. They came and worked out, not because they felt they needed to push themselves to the limit or restrict themselves from eating delicious food, but because, generally, they enjoyed it AND it was improving their life. The formula to optimal fitness is simple: find workouts that are enjoyable and do them often.

Congratulations Ladies!