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Your Personal Trainer reviews and success stories

Your Personal Trainer LLC offers in-home personal fitness training and nutrition plans in Rockville, Bethesda, Potomac, North Potomac Gaithersburg and Germantown, MD to attain your healthiest body. We work with adults, teens and seniors. Affordable prices for group sessions.


Wyatt is an incredible wellness professional. We are still working on my goals to be strong, lean and healthy —but can truly say I am the strongest I have ever been thanks to him—and I am 40! I would recommend Wyatt and his team to anyone who is finally ready to put their health first.

Seema Alexander, Bethesda, MD


“Wyatt trained my teenage stepson—he made sure the workouts were fun and varied. He and my stepson went on a shopping trip to the grocery store to learn about good food choices. Wyatt is accessible to young people, is a role model and makes them believe fitness is possible for them.”

Jeff Rohrlick, North Potomac, MD


"When I began training with Wyatt, I was struggling with several health issues. After a few weeks, I felt stronger, more energetic and happier. Every session, Wyatt adapts the program to adjust to my abilities and desires. I owe my renewed strength to Wyatt."

Jen Pories, North Potomac, MD

"Training with Wyatt has made exercise fun again! He makes the workout challenging but the process easy and enjoyable. In addition, Your Daily Blend are the most delicious drinks I've ever had. I had a weight loss goal working with Wyatt, which I achieved! I couldn't be more satisfied."

Priscilla Quackenbush, North Potomac, MD


"You can't top having a trainer that comes to your house. Wyatt helped me get motivated and back on track with fitness. He's super knowledgeable, energetic, and makes working out fun. I really appreciated how attentive he was to proper form and technique, which is important when lifting heavier weights. He knows a ton of different exercises and really customizes workouts for your goals. Awesome!"

Kristen Greene, Germantown, MD


At the age of 43 I knew I wanted to be healthier and needed to incorporate exercise in my life. I felt I had no time and doing the gym thing was frankly intimidating since I pretty much had never worked out before. Then I met Wyatt.
I have been using Your Personal Trainer since October 2017. Their trainers make working out possible for me in my busy life. It's amazing how much you can do with very little equipment and within the comforts of your own home.
I truly appreciate the trainers' passion for helping me reach my fitness goals. Their knowledge has helped me overcome a shoulder nerve issue, trained me for a 5K that I completed a few weeks ago, and keeps our sessions fresh and enjoyable.
I strongly recommend Wyatt and the Your Personal Trainer team!

Shoney Panda, Bethesda, MD

 Wyatt is a great trainer, he’ll help you if you have any questions with your diet or need correcting with specific moves while working out. He’s also very energetic which pushes you to keep going and has great humor which really makes the experience so much better.

Amanda Williams, North Potomac, MD

Wyatt is an excellent trainer! It is fun to work out with him. He pushes you to work harder and corrects your movements when necessary! I recommend Wyatt as a personal trainer!

Zita Fidlerova, Rockville, MD

Wyatt has been my trainer for the past 6 months (2x week) and I do not have enough words to praise his knowledge, vitality, and ethics. He has that rare balance of being pushy without being oppressive; a quality that is very rare in these crossfitting days. In the short time I've been with him, I already noticed big changes in my body and energy. Don't let his young looks trick you: he is mature and wise guy, with a nice sense of humor and a real desire to help you achieve your physical goals.

Lucio Gama

Wyatt is an excellent trainer; my wife and I train with him and he helps keep us motivated. He is very sensitive to our specific physical condition and training needs and is very flexible in adjusting our workout routine to meet our requirements. We wish him all success and recommend him without any hesitation.

Arun Sharma, Bethesda, MD

Wyatt is an excellent trainer. Energetic, enthusiastic and dedicated he is sensitive to my physical condition, training needs and goals. He has been flexible in adjusting our workout routine to attain maximum progress,
I highly recommend Wyatt.

Mary Burnet, Bethesda, MD

Wyatt is amazing to workout with twice a week! He is so personable and always invested in your journey of working out and eating right. I feel very challenged with each workout and very confident in Wyatt’s direction.

Beth Goldberger, North Potomac, MD

I’ve worked with Wyatt for 6 weeks and I feel great. His training techniques are unique and I’m able to do everything in the comfort of my own home. I highly recommend his services.

Eddie G, North Potomac, MD

Wyatt is a very good trainer with a lot of knowledge, and goes out of his way to accommodate and benefit his client. Also .. he is friendly and makes exercise a fun session !

Anshu Sharma, Bethesda, MD

Wyatt has been working with me and my daughter for over 6 months now and we couldn't be more thrilled. We always work up a great sweet and have fun. We asked for lots of variety and he comes to each session with new and challenging workouts. We work hard and have fun which is an amazing combination. We couldn't be more thrilled with his support. Having a trainer that really listens is so amazing. We like to be pushed and he does it in a fun way. He's positive energy motivates us to keep going. We need the consistency to drive a change us to change and Wyatt's fun, positive, and innovative routines keep us motivated. He's the BEST!!!

Cathy Williams, North Potomac, MD

Wyatt is an extremely intelligent
knowledgeable young man. Besides he is personable and caring. He has helped me in many different ways. Thoroughly and enthusiastically recommend his sevices.

Greg Habeeb, Bethesda, MD