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Saffron: A Rich, Calming Agent

TIP: A very small amount of saffron goes a long way.

Saffron is grown all around the world, but the highest quality saffron grows in dry and hot climates, primarily Iran and the Middle East. Saffron is the pistol or “female” part of the Crocus Sativus flower. Each piece of saffron has to be hand-picked, which makes the process of gathering saffron very slow and tedious. Saffron is the most expensive spice on earth with a pound of saffron worth close to $5000.  

Studies show that Saffron is effective in treating:

• Erectile Dysfunction (ED): When given to men who had ED, saffron was shown to increase erectile function, sexual desire, ejaculation function, and intercourse satisfaction,1 especially In those with sexual dysfunction induced by antidepressants.2

• Depression: Saffron was shown to work just as well as Prozac (leading antidepressant medication) against depression without any of the side effects.3 Saffron has a strong calming effect.

• Obesity: Saffron’s calming effect decreases the chances of emotional eating which can lead to obesity.

• Alzheimer’s disease: Without taking any medication, those with Alzheimer’s steadily progress towards mental dysfunction. Compared to doing nothing, saffron works incredibly well for preventing and treating Alzheimer’s disease.4 It worked just as well as the leading medication for Alzheimer’s in preventing further degeneration in those with mild to moderate Alzehimer’s,5 as well as treating those with severe Alzheimer’s.6

• Athletic performance: Saffron supplementation improved overall muscle strength, as well as visual and auditory
reaction times.7

• Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and menstrual discomfort: Women taking saffron daily had less self-reported PMS symptoms8 and less menstrual discomfort compared with those who didn’t take saffron.8

A small amount of saffron, 0.02-0.03g (20-30mg), has been shown to be effective for all of the listed conditions. When taking 4 pills of Your Daily Spices, you’re getting 35mg of saffron per day. ν









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