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Amla/Indian Gooseberry: A Powerful Antioxidant


Amla has more antioxidants than almost any other food. Three grams of dried amla, or half a teaspoon, has more antioxidants than a pound of blueberries, as well as being one of highest sources of Vitamin C. 

Some foods lose a large amount of their nutritionally beneficial compounds when dried, but amla is very stable under heat and keeps the majority of its nutrition. Dried Amla is better than fresh because it contains more nutrition per gram and the taste is less bitter. Amla is available fresh, frozen, dried, candied, in a can, in hair products, and more.

TIP: Combining green tea and amla in a 30-second mouth wash every morning is an excellent oral health regimen.8

Amla is still being studied to learn more about its health benefits, but the last decade of research has shown very promising health benefits in treating:

• Cancer: Even with very low quantities, Amla mitigates cancer growth equivalent to chemotherapy treatments. How? Amla repairs damage to DNA. It reduces and reverses cancer cell growth while having almost no effect on regular cell growth.1 

• Diabetes: All doses of Amla (1g-3g) reduce resting blood sugar to a healthy range. At the highest dose, it performs better than the leading medication.2 

• Cholesterol: While cholesterol lowering drugs lower both LDL (bad) and HDL (good) cholesterol, Amla reduces LDL cholesterol to the same degree as cholesterol lowering drugs, while raising HDL cholesterol!3 (Low HDL cholesterol is linked to heart disease, cancer, and other chronic diseases.)4 

• Hypertension and Arterial Function: Amla reduces arterial stiffness equal to the leading medication, allowing increased bloodflow to the whole body.5 

• Inflammation: 0.5g of Amla a day reduces inflammation by 75%—equivalent to anti-inflammatory medication.6 

• Oral health: While decaf green tea has anti-microbial properties that act on the bacteria that grow on our teeth that cause plaque and cavities, Amla causes DNA damage in the bacteria on teeth, making them unable to multiply.7 

• Skin Care: Amla destroys harmful bacteria that grow on our skin which can lead to acne and pathogens that can enter the body through the mouth and nose. 

TIP: A face mask of honey, yogurt, and amla moisturizes and protects our skin.9

The effectiveness of Amla has been shown at doses as low as 250 mg daily (1/20th of a teaspoon), though exceptional results seem to be produced while taking 2-5g daily (1/2 - 1 teaspoon). No upper limit has been shown, and adding more just adds to the antioxidant content of your meal. When taking 4 pills of Your Daily Spices, you’re getting approximately 1.5g of amla per day. ν  

TIP: Amla can be added to oatmeal, smoothies, drinks, entrees, soups, stir-frys, and beverages or it can be taken in capsule form.










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