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We are Seeking a Few Good Trainers!



Be part of a growing team training great clients in Montgomery County, Maryland. We provide the clients and you provide the motivation, inspiration, accountability and success to achieve their fitness and nutritional goals. This is a great way to supplement your personal training business. Read Your Personal Trainer's PRINCIPLES FOR OUR PROS:

How do we create an experience that is enjoyable AND progressive? 

We PREPARE for our workouts with a solid plan of what we’re doing that day (plan your workout for 1 hour and 15 minutes of exercise so that you’re not lost for things to do). 

We COMMUNICATE with our clients. We keep clear when the workouts are, what the client can expect from the workouts, how quickly the client can expect to progress, our best insights and tools for their growth, and more. In order to communicate…

We ASK QUESTIONS. Sometimes the most important word you can say is: “Why?” It opens up the door to learn and gain powerful insights. With questions, it’s quality over quantity. What questions are essential? And that brings me to my next point:

We LISTEN to our clients. When our clients speak, they should be confident that you’re listening intently to them. We listen closely for so many reasons, one of them being to find the right amount to push them day to day. Some days will be intense, and some days will be mild. Both are important for consistency and progress.

We STRATEGICALLY EXPERIMENT at the beginning to find what gets the client excited and motivated for the workout. We stick to the fundamentals for progress (strength, cardio, balance, flexibility, sticking to their goals), but incorporate new and interesting movements and exercises to expose our clients to new opportunities to move. We show them that exercise doesn’t always have to be structured, it can be any way of challenging the body!

We DOCUMENT the important details (what works, what doesn’t, what to change, important details about the client’s life, etc.) and review our notes before our session. 

We GIVE to our clients. There’s a reason we hired you, and it’s because you have a gift. Give that gift, and then some. Whether that means a few extra minutes after the session to hangout, make it clear that you’ve spent some time thinking about them in your free time, laugh with them, and show compassion and interest in their lives. When we give a little extra energy to our clients every session, it accumulates into a huge amount of extra value.

We CONNECT with our clients. A trainer can only get across to their client as well as they know them. As we learn more in casual and deep conversations, which will add huge value as a health practitioner we begin to learn more about how to best help and connect with them. 

We are POSITIVE about our client’s effort and progress. We are a necessary positive influence in our client’s lives. Wherever the client is now, and whatever amount of effort they’re putting in, assume they can only push themselves small degrees forward from there. Change takes time.

We GROW on our own. We take time outside of training to read, write, contemplate, practice, and observe everything we can on health and fitness. We are only as sharp as our ability to consistently try. 

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